Use it
There are many reasons to use My Asset Bin, not just for your convenience. Thanks to our mobile App,you are now able to start your bin on your home computer and take it anywhere you go. My Asset Bin allows the users to make a quick, easy and accessible asset list. An asset list is a very valuable tool not just for you, but for your loved ones as well. A personal asset list plays a very important role when it comes down to planning for retirement, making an insurance claim, or writing a will. With My Asset Bin, you will always have a safe place for your asset list, bringing you peace of mind. Additionally, My Asset Bin makes it possible to never lose warranty information or manuals again. The App allows manuals and warranties to be added directly to your bin right alongside your asset. Thanks to My Asset Bin, easy access to all your asset's information is available to you anywhere in the world, in mere seconds.